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We are “Guardianship First”, one of the leading UK Independent Private School Placement agencies and Guardianship organizations based in Manchester, United Kingdom. Our company has built over 100 successful partnerships with top schools, colleges and universities, and enrolled over 30,000 students at all levels of education since our establishment in 1999.


UK Independent Schools

Private schools have for a long time played a very prominent role in the UK’s education system. Small class size, high-quality teaching and an excellent range of extra-curricular all contribute to the success of UK private education.

We have built strong links with top UK boarding schools and this enables us to provide parents with accurate information about the school, entry requirements and other relevant guidance on studying in the UK. Our professional team offers impartial advice and personalized placement services, with a genuine interest in the academic needs and well-being of each child. We also offer assistance in choosing appropriate GCSE and A-level subjects for entry to the desirable course to UK University.

Guardianship Services

We offer comprehensive multi-service package to parents living overseas who send their children (under 18) to independent boarding schools in the UK. Our guardianship service is designed to cater every need that a child may have or as requested by the school. 

Should you have any further questions, or the service you want is not on the list, please get in touch with us. We would be very happy to tailor our service to suit you/or your child’s individual need. 

We Meet Your Needs

We understand that each child as a unique individual has different needs which may or may not vary from the services listed, therefore it is important for you to decide what you want and simply ask us to provide. Please contact us now to tell us your thoughts and allow us to customise a quote for you.

Please Contact us for more information.