Terms and Conditions –  for Academic Year 2016-2017

1)    Definitions

Guardianship First – Guardianship First. Address: Unit 26, Wellington Business Park, Dukes Ride, Crowthorne, Berkshire, RG45 6LS

The Parents/you - the parents or guardians who are responsible for the student

Child/Student – the student who relates to this agreement

Host Family – host family with whom the students will be placed to stay over school breaks

School/Boarding School – education institutions at which the student is placed for the time being, normally as a full boarder

The Arrangement/Programme – guardianship services offered to the students by Guardianship First

Duration of the Guardianship Agreement/ Programme Guardianship First will act as the legal guardian from the time the student arrives in the UK assuming full guardianship service payment has been made by the parents, until the date that the student leaves the UK. It is expected that the student will leave the UK and return home for Easter, Summer and Christmas Holidays. If the student stays in the UK during any Easter, Summer or Christmas Holiday, additional school holiday guardianship fee will be applied to those additional arrangements over the long holidays

A Student Expenses Account - the deposit, normally at £1500 unless otherwise stated that you lodge with us for payment of disbursements on behalf of the student

2)    Guardianship First’s Obligations

2.1 To act as the link between the School, the Host Family, and the Parents to promote the happiness and well-being for the Student throughout the duration of the guardianship Agreement.

2.2 To liaise with the School over any pastoral care arrangement on behalf of the Parents throughout the duration the Programme.

2.3   To undertake, subject to the provision of section 3.2, parental responsibility for the Student during the School term time and any additional long school holiday period requested by the Parents where the accommodation is provided.

2.4 To exercise its discretion on behalf of the Parents, subject to the provision of Section 3.4, where consents are required from the School for activities that cost less than £50 to be undertaken by the Student.

2.5 To ensure that suitable accommodation is provided for the Student where required during half terms, exeat weekends and additional long school holidays as requested by the Parents, subject to availability and receipt of payment by the Parents.

2.6 To arrange necessary transport for the Student to/from the School and to/from the Host Family and airport transfer as required within the UK during half terms, exeat weekends and additional long school holidays, subject to the reimbursement of such expenses.

2.7 To inspect and assess the Host Family in accordance with the high standards required by AEGIS (Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students)

3)    The Parents’ Obligations – the Parents agree to the following:

3.1 To supply Guardianship First with all necessary information so that Guardianship First may act fully and properly in the best interest of the Student.

3.2 To confirm that Guardianship First is the persons legally entitled to act as guardians in the Parents’ absence for the Student during the course of the guardianship Arrangement.

3.3 Toagree that Guardianship First may sign on the Parents’ behalf in the event of medical emergency, in the opinion of a qualified doctor, when the Parents CANNOT be contacted.

3.4. To agree that Guardianship First will sign on the Parents’ behalf for reasonable School activities/Host Family activities and sports costing less than £50 if permission is required from the School or the Host Family.

3.5 To agree that Guardianship First shall be released from such duties/responsibilities when the Student is under the direct control of the Parents, outside of the UK or is absent from the School or the Host Family for purposes not authorised by Guardianship First or by the School.

3.6 To agree that all bookings and payments to Host Family will be dealt with via Guardianship First Central Office and no contact/transaction will be made directly.

3.7 To complete and confirm the understanding of the Medical Information & Medical Emergency sections on the Application Form and the Student has no other allergies or special medical conditions which would affect the Student's medical treatment. 

3.8 To authorise Guardianship First to delegate some of Parental powers and duties to the School and the Host Family to such an extent as it sees fit.

3.9 To be responsible for all fees payable in respect of the guardianship Arrangement in line with the provisions set out as in the fees list.

3.10 To be responsible for cancellation fees in respect of cancellation of Host Family accommodation in accordance with the cancellation schedule as set out in Section 5.4.

3.11 To ensure that the Student complies with the rules and regulations as outlined in Guardianship First Handbook, Terms and Conditions of the School and all other reasonable requirements of the School while under the responsibility of Guardianship First. If the Student is being expelled by the School in accordance with the School rules and regulations, Guardianship First shall immediately be released from this Agreement.

3.12 To understand that neither the Host Family nor the School will be responsible for the loss or accidental damage to, the Student’s belongings and therefore it is the Parents’ responsibility to take out adequate insurance to cover any loss of personal belongings of the Student. 

4)    Host Family Obligations

4.1 To ensure that no direct contact is made with the Parents unless authorised to do so by Guardianship First. All bookings/arrangements in terms of accommodation and transport are to be booked through Guardianship First.

4.2 To inform Guardianship First of any changes in your personal circumstances or information you are aware of that would affect the well-being of the Student.

4.3 To undertake any training required by Guardianship First in promoting care and support for the Student   

4.4 To ensure that in the event of a medical emergency that Guardianship First is informed immediately

4.5 To be responsible for adequate insurance cover for your car and household as neither the Parents nor the Students will be responsible for any accidental damage of the above.

4.6 To inform Guardianship First BEFORE you agree to host Students other than those booked through Guardianship First

4.7 To agree that Host Family will not accept fee-paying guests into the household, or be running a bed and breakfast, whist providing services in the home for Guardianship First’s Students

4.8 To fill out the Expense Claim Form and submit to Guardianship First no later than 28th each month. Failure to do so will result in delay in payment.

5)    Termination

5.1 Either the Parents or Guardianship First may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving to the other party the minimum of one clear term’s notice.  A term’s fees must be charged by Guardianship First. This means that any such notice, whether given during term time or during School holidays, must expire at the end of the following term. If a full term’s notice is not given, the Parents will be liable for one term guardianship fees as set out in the fees list.

5.2 If the Student is expelled from the School in accordance with the School rules and regulations, Guardianship First shall immediately be released from this Agreement and from all its obligations to the Parents and the Student. The Parents shall not be entitled to any refund of fees under such circumstance.

5.3 In the event of the Student being  guilty of persistent unreasonable behaviour but not being excluded from the School, Guardianship First may terminate this agreement by writing to the Parents and shall immediately be released from all its obligations to the Parents or Student and the Parents shall not entitled  to any refund of fees.

5.4 Host Family’s arrangements are made automatically. Should the Parents or Students wish to alter or cancel pre-booked accommodation, 4 weeks’ notice is required in writing. Failure to do so, the following cancellation charges will apply to the Student Expense Account in the event the Parents fail to serve the full notice required: 

- Incur 50% charge if notice is given more than 7 days and up to 4 weeks;

- Incur 100% charge if notice is given less than 7 days

This Agreement and any agreement with the School or the Host Family shall be subject to English Law and the Parents undertake to submit the jurisdiction of English Court in respect of any matters arising out of this agreement. The Parents acknowledge that English Law may be different from the law of their own country.

6)    Promotional Material

We occasionally take photographs for us to use in marketing purposes, such as brochures, Student handbook or our website. If you do not agree to this, you must inform us in writing.

7)    Exclusion of Guardianship First’s Liability

7.1 While Guardianship First make every effort in selecting Host Family and carry out due inspections occasionallyGuardianship First cannot accept responsibility for the actions of the Host Family in relation to the Student.

7.2 Guardianship First cannot accept any responsibility for any losses incurred or damage caused by the Student to the School and/or the Host Family. Therefore, it is advised that each Student carries her/his own relevant third party insurance.

7.3 Guardianship First can assist the Student and the Parents in obtaining any visas and any other entry documents which may be required for the Student. Guardianship First cannot accept any responsibility for such matters and any legal responsibility shall rest with Student and the Parents.



last updated: 09/12/2016