The United Kingdom is a leading destination providing world class education. At Guardianship First, we have a strong link with Top UK Boarding Schools. We offer personalised, high quality services with a genuine interest in the academic and personal development of your child.


We work with Over 100 Top UK Independent Day and Boarding Schools in the UK including many in the Top 100 and growing.

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Guardianship First British Education System

Britain’s Private School Education

Private schools have for a long time played a very prominent role in the UK’s education system. According to the annual census conducted by the ISC (Independent Schools Council), pupil numbers at private schools are now higher than they were expected in 2015. This increase has been fuelled by both British and international pupils coming to private schools in the UK.  Many factors influence parents choosing to send their children to a private school.  As one might expect, to achieve excellent results at high school level is a great foundation on which your children can build future success at university and in their chosen careers.

Deciding to send your child on an overseas study is a big decision. Therefore, many parents appear to send their children to UK boarding schools. A boarding school is where part of or all the students live on school grounds as boarders. The word “Boarding” simply means provide meals and lodgings. Boarding schools come in single sex as well as co-ed form. Single sex boarding schools are either for girls or boys whereas co-ed schools have both female and male students. There is no conclusive evidence which suggests single-sex is better than co-ed or vice versa. The right way to choose is based on your concerns and desires for your children.

In the UK, pupils begin their senior high school at the age of 11 or 12 (Year 7).The main entry points to the Senior School are Year 7, Year 9 and Lower Sixth, but many schools are happy to consider pupils, especially those from overseas, for entry into Years 8 and 10 provided there is space available. 

In order to gain a place on a top private school, your child will have to go through a fairly rigorous admission process. The admission process is designed to choose pupils on the basis of their suitability for life in a British boarding school as well as their innate academic abilities. As part of the admission process, most schools will require overseas students to sit tests in English, Mathematics and Verbal & Numerical Reasoning in addition to providing copies of their previous School reports and having an interview at least once.