Popular Study Locations in Northern England


york city

Yorkshire is a historic and also the largest county in the UK, covering a large area of Northern England, and host to some of the most popular cities in the UK such as York, Sheffield, Harrogate and Leeds.  Yorkshire lies right at the heart of Britain, so within two hours of train journey, you could end up arriving in England’s capital city, London or the Scottish capital, Edinburgh which is also a UNESCO world heritage city. This region has a rich cultural, historical and architectural heritage. There are plenty of things to do and places to visit in Yorkshire. One thing for sure is that you won’t get bored while studying here. 

Yorkshire is a great place to study and live for overseas students, with access to an array of top quality Higher Education institutions, such as York, Sheffield, and Leeds. These universities are members of the Russell Group and are well-known for their high levels of academic excellence.  These universities are very distinctive in what they offer so prospective students can find every academic discipline that is of interest to them to pursue their academic dream.


Greater Manchester

Manchester City Centre Skyline Vista Photograph

The City of Manchester is undoubtedly a familiar name to many. It is the home to two of the most famous football clubs in the English Premier League (EPL), namely Manchester United Football Club and Manchester City Football Club where live broadcasts of EPL football games are shown week-in-week-out around the world, attracting large fanbase in overseas students who enjoy the sport. This city has also been closely associated with Britain’s industrial revolution tracing back to the late 19th century. The process of industrialisation had transformed Manchester into the UK’s second most populous city only after London. Manchester is the first industrial city and the birthplace of the stored-programme and the transistorised computer. Manchester has also become a prominent commercial hub attracting enterprises from within the Great Britain as well as globally, culminating in the celebration of various international festivals and events.

In addition to its cultural diversity and the economic output that Manchester contributes to the Northwest, the City of Manchester has once again been voted as the best place to live in the UK this year (2015) and a nominee of the world’s top 50 best places to live.

So how can international students benefit from studying in Manchester? As a central business hub, students studying in Manchester have better opportunities to engage in international dialogue and diverse cultural activities and events, shaping them to become confident and successful future leaders.  All these will prepare students for a lifetime of achievement. The University of Manchester is the UK’s largest single-site university with the biggest student community.  As a member of the Russell Group, there are in total 25 Noble Prize winners who have worked or studied at the University of Manchester. The university is ranked 41st in the world, eighth in Europe and fifth in the UK in the 2014 Shanghai Jiao Tong World Ranking.

It also makes financial sense to study here. The average annual living cost and study expenses in Manchester are much cheaper than in London or South of the country. Manchester offers students great value for money with its dynamic international student community, multiculturalism and fine cuisine from all around the world, culminating in the establishment of the infamous Chinatown in the heart of the Manchester. 

Our TOP UK School Partners in the North

(A-Levels Results Ranking 2015)

Ampleforth College (57)
Queen Ethelburga's College
The Mount School (Girls only) (19)
Gresham's School (74)
Langley School
Ackworth School
Rishworth School
Woodhouse Grove School (87)
Loughborough College
Loughborough Grammar School (Boys only) (15)
Worksop College
Kirkham Grammar School Preston (93)
Rossall School
Durham School (86)
Stonyhurst College Clitheroe (60)
Abbey College Manchester
Abbey College Birmingham (Sixth Form Rank 18)
Tettenhall College
Adcote School (Girls only)
Bedstone College
Ellesmere College
Moor Park School (Prep)
Moreton Hall School (Girl) (36)
Packwood Haugh School (Prep)
Shrewsbury School (13)
Kilgraston School (Girls only)
Glenalmond College (97)
Merchiston Castle School (Boys only) (17)