Popular Study Locations in Southern England

London, Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton and More

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For many, the first choice of selecting where to study will be London or the South of England.London, known for its vibrant way of cosmopolitan life with nearly 50 higher education institutions, is so popular with international students from all around the world. The cost of living in London and Southern England is understandably higher than the rest of England, but in return, these regions are full of surprises and have something for everyone, more so for international students.  

The adventurous will love the famous Seven Sisters and Beachy Head near Eastbourne; the nature lovers will feel at home in the countryside in Sussex; the culture and history buff will be extremely thrilled to see the remains of the first castle in England where William the Conqueror fought the infamous Battle of Hastings in English history; the passionate architects must visit the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol; while avid Jane Austen’s fans should not miss Bath where a lot of her novels were set in. This list goes on but there is definitely something for everyone to take away and enjoy studying and living in Southern England.

Southern England is also the country’s gateway to Europe. You can get to Paris or Brussels by Eurostar train in just over two hours. By living with a local host family, you get to experience first-hand British culture in its entirety and you might also develop a posh refined southern English accent – an accent often associated with the Queen’s English spoken by the royal family which is a standard that many non-native speakers aspire to acquire. 

Our TOP UK School Partners in the South

(A-Levels Results Ranking 2015)

Aldenham School
Bellerbys College London
Berkhamsted School (46)
Bradfield College (64)
Brentwood School (52)
CATS College London (88 / Sixth Form Rank 17)
Chelsea Independent College (94 / Sixth Form Rank 23)
Duff Miller College (Sixth Form Rank 22)
DLD College London (Sixth Form Rank 21)
Hurtwood House (9 / Sixth Form Rank 3)
King's College School
Lansdowne College (Sixth Form Rank 29)
Leighton Park School (85)
Mill Hill School (41)
Pangbourne School
St Teresa's Effingham (Girls only)
Strode's College
Abbey College Cambridge (12 / Sixth Form Rank 4)
Bellerbys College Cambridge (19 / Sixth Form Rank 4)
CATS College Cambridge (30 / Sixth Form Rank 10)
Oundle School (10)
St. Francis’ College (Girls only) (16)
Uppingham School (40)
Bellerbys College Oxford (29 / Sixth Form Rank 9)
D'Overbroeck's College (24 / Sixth Form Rank 7)
Headington School (Girl) (23)
St.Edward's School (71)
Tudor Hall School (Girls only) (29)
Bellerbys College Brighton (27 / Sixth Form Rank 8)
Brighton College (2)
Seaford College Petworth
Blundell's School (65)
Queen's College Taunton (55)
Bede's Senior School (66)
Buckswood School
Eastbourne College
Clifton College (25)
Wellington School Somerset (72)
Woodbridge School 
CATS College Canterbury (43 / Sixth Form Rank 12)